Supplier database

Owing to the systematic and daily work, we have hundreds of verified and trusted contacts in China, India, Thailand, Taiwan, and other countries in East Asia.


The first step in import is to calculate the final price of a purchased product.
We prepare calculations based on an enquiry, taking into account all costs that will be incurred during import operations.


We verify every new supplier, including his licence and its originality, as well as other information about the seller.



We are effective in negotiations owing to our knowledge of cultural differences, the in-depth study of the market, and direct contacts in China.


We negotiate contractual provisions, and all documents are prepared in versions required for the customs clearance.


This is the longest stage of the whole import, which involves preparing detailed specifications, production reports, controls of finished production, and loading. Therefore, we regularly visit factories that produce goods for our clients.


We negotiate rates on behalf of a large group of importers, thus being able to get better prices. We use only services of proven carriers.


We are also responsible for handling complaint procedures.