Assistance in import from China


Import Biuro renders professional services for importers covering the whole process of importing goods from China and other low-cost countries. The process encompasses a number of stages, and the most important tasks within the import services include: finding reliable suppliers, evaluating the reliability of a supplier, quality control at a factory from which goods are imported, the organization of customs clearance according to all procedures applicable in the country, and performing transport directly to an indicated destination.

China is the largest supplier of all types of goods and we focus our attention and operations on the import from this country. Our firm specializes in importing goods from China. We offer comprehensive assistance in handling all formal procedures. Our experience and knowledge enable us to fulfil each and every order. Our professional team keeps working on improving the efficiency of our work. Owing to their efforts, effective commercial negotiations are possible as well as the assistance in developing an effective business plan and the reliable quality control. We excel in importing goods from China. Owing to the help of our experienced personnel in purchasing and supplies as well as due to our long experience with suppliers, we know how to minimise costs and shorter the lead time, while protecting interests of importers.

We look forward to working with all kinds of counterparties who require effective and comprehensive professional services and the assurance of reliability.